Increase efficiency
of waste collection

The costs of waste collection and transport range from 50% to 85% of total operational costs. Using advanced route optimization technology can increase collection efficiency by up to 30–40%. 

As a result, companies can reduce operational costs, improve the quality of services, and adjust to unexpected changes in real time. 

Modern route optimization technology can . . .

Reduce waste collection times by up to 30–40%

Ensure the highest possible quality of collection services

Document and make use of driver’s knowledge

Provide real-time accountability for each collection point. Help in selecting the optimal fleet to reduce GHG emissions

Adjust routes on real-time input

Reduce stress of planners and collection workers

About Mappost

Mappost is a leading company in the field of advanced route, resource and task optimization solutions with a deep background in GIS, mathematics and business process analysis.

Established in 2013, Mappost employs over 15 industry experts, including top developers and authorities in modern mathematical optimization.

Today Mappost helps clients in over 7 countries solve high complexity optimization tasks with a multitude of changing constraints in real-time. As a result, its clients reduce costs, 
gain control of their processes
 and decrease the environmental impact of their operations.

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